Boarding Party (filmed as The Sea Wolves)

Filmed as The Sea Wolves, this is the story of the undercover exploit of a territorial unit. The Germans had a secret transmitter on one of their ships in the neutral harbour of Goa. Its purpose was to guide the U-boats against Allied shipping in the Indian Ocean. There seemed no way for the British to infringe Goa’s Portuguese neutrality by force. But the transmitter had to be silenced. SOE was tasked with dealing with the problem, but how? Then it was remembered that 1,400 miles away in Calcutta was a source of possible help. A group of civilian bankers, merchants and solicitors were the remains of an old territorial unit called The Calcutta Light Horse. With a foreword by Earl Mountbatten of Burma.

‘One of the most decisive actions in World War II was fought by fourteen out-of-conditions middle-aged men sailing in a steam barge…’ Daily Mirror

‘A gem of World War II history.’ New York Times Book Review

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4 Thoughts.

  1. I have just finished reading The Boarding Party, having been inspired by a late night showing of The Sea Wolves. The book was very well written, engaging and detailed. As usual, after reading such a well researched book, I felt that the film left out too much interesting detail, and instead added a great deal of ‘plot’ that was unnecessary. It is an absorbing tale that did not need any embellishing. I will certainly seek out more books by this author.

    • Thanks very much for your positive comment. My father, James Leasor, was rather annoyed that they did mess about with the plot for the film script – he didn’t feel that the changes added anything at all, but then this so often happens when real stories are converted to films.

      Anyway I hope that you find some other of his books as enjoyable.

  2. I believe that the vessel used in the raid on Goa was a steam hopper barge built at Ferguson Brothers shipyard Port Glasgow in the twenties or thirties and was Hopper barge no. 3, nicknamed Phoebe as in a game of poker?

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